Monthly Blog Post Subscription

At Intuitively Yours Creative Solutions we like to keep our processes simple and well, intuitive. So, to create a seamless and convenient customer experience we offer a blog post subscription plan for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Blog posts are delivered weekly and billed monthly, and follow a pre-planned schedule you get to choose. The goal here is to keep your content fresh, valuable, and deep. This means all of the blog posts will be at least 2,000 words, original, and well researched.

Likewise, for those companies with little to no blog content, we want to help you create a catalog of blog posts (about 50 posts) content that Google will love, recognize, and rank. And that your customers will love as well.

All of this helps get your brand visible in the search engines. After selecting a subscription plan below, you’ll be taken through a secure checkout process and finally to a form that allows you to tell us about your blog content goals, ideas, and deadlines.

We’ll do all the rest and remember you may cancel your blog post subscription package at any time.

Payment Options