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help me with my essay, stressed student

Have you ever been tempted to type the dreaded, help me with my essay, in the Google search box? Seeking a reputable company to write your paper for a fee?

Students approach me all the time looking for writing and paper help. They often state they are not good writers. In some instances, English is not their first language or they are struggling with work-life balance because they have more classes than time to complete their work.

It could all be so blissful

So I came up with a solution, that is cheaper than paying for a 10 page paper from a sketchy essay mill. And it’s comprehensive and plugin, play. Your words will always be original and you won’t have to guess where you should cite an author or how long that citation should be. Or whether or not you can trust the company that wrote your paper didn’t plagiarize.

The goal was to take the guesswork out of paper writing and to make the writing process more streamlined for busy students. It is best used in combination with your professor’s instructions, as some may require more or less than the template displays. The best part about it is, you can still use the template. It’s meant to be tweaked for your specific needs.

When given a template that makes essay writing easy, predictable, and duplicable, college students who struggle to write can soar through their papers. After all, why should writing feel like deadlifting? Especially if your concentration isn’t English.

Writing should feel more like this guy blissfully floating with time for a tranquil leisurely read:

help me with my essay man floating

And I absolutely want you to have time to read for fun. Not having to type in: Help me with my essay and be the 709 millionth student to do it.

Writing is a necessary evil

So, whether writing for you is like reading and floating simultaneously or more like drowning, you still should know how to do it. And even if it’s not your major, and you might not self-describe as a “good writer” you should have tools that make your life easier when it’s mandatory. And just like any other subject, those tools don’t have to clash with your morals. Or does anyone have any of those left? 😉

The problem is that essay writing for the student that hates writing is more like cleaning the bathroom. And no one likes cleaning the bathroom. So think of our template like this episode of the Jetsons.

Help me with my essay APA Paper digital template
Can you tell we had fun with our digital template cover?

Check out our APA Paper Writing Template here. With a little focus, discipline, and time you’ll be producing papers that boost your writing confidence and your GPA. 

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