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Who wants to be the top-ranked business on Google’s first page? Everyone of course. And what’s better than getting your website to rank on the first page? Getting your website to rank organically!

Value-driven content

Being first is about value. Not so much about word count or being a perfect writer. You simply have to show that your content puts people first by ensuring quality information.

The quality of your information is bested by the credibility of the internal and external links you use. An internal link might be your service page. And a good external link if say, you’re a therapist, is a Psychology Today referenced article.

And a not so favorite necessity, routine, routine, routine.

Routines are not boring

You want to have a writing calendar and writing routine. A good schedule is one new post per week. Or if you can’t have a weekly post, bi-weekly posts will do. Your bare minimum should be 300 words with well searched long-tail keyphrases. I use Yoast to assist in making sure I have the green light for all essential components of my posts.

Posting new content is a huge reason why some websites rank higher than others. Fresh content gives Google bots new food to eat. Do you like stale chips? I didn’t think so. So always give Google bots crispy, crunch chips.

Some folks freak out when they hear the word routine, but routines help guard against procrastination or forgetfulness. Once you’ve built up the momentum and made your blog writing routine a habit, why self-sabotage your progress especially when you’re seeing results?

Subscription Deal

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We are well aware that writing blog posts aren’t on everyone’s to-do list. So we’ve decided to have a special for professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. We are offering a flat fee of $25 per 300 words SEO-ready blog posts or articles.

And once you’ve taken advantage of the sale and purchased 5 blogs or more. You’ll be grandfathered in when we return to regular pricing.

Don’t worry, since we write across topics here at Intuitively Yours Creative Solutions this special will work great for these industries or professionals:

  • Self-Help/Self-Improvement
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality/Well-Being
  • Inspiration
  • Health & Wellness
  • Restaurants/Food
  • Relationship/Lifestyle
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Spiritual Coach/ Life Coach
  • Health/Life Insurance
  • Repair ( Auto, Home, Jewelry, Electronics)
  • Entertainment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Real Estate
  • Motivational Speakers

If you don’t see your industry or profession listed, please reach out to us directly to inquire.

If you’re all set choose your subscription option below and we will reach out to get your blog post details immediately. And remember your subscription can be canceled at any time.

Payment Options

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